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Essay Recommendation: On Having Enough Socks

Essay Recommendation: On Having Enough Socks

I stumbled across On Having Enough Socks recently, which is a great essay reflecting on the ways in which unimportant tasks are important, and the ways in which they aren’t.

I highly recommend reading it. It’s very well written, and the author seems knowledgeable and makes reasonable arguments. They connect various different ideas and fields of study to paint a complete and sensible picture. On offer is also some novel linguistic creations11 Like local pessima, or the comfortable and familiar path of least reflection and other ways of playing with language.

Full disclosure: I might appreciate this essay as much as I do in part because it reinforces many of my previously held beliefs22 Coupons are a waste of time; checklists are a good idea; information is valuable and you should find cheap ways to experiment to get it; and so on.. A part of me also appreciates it because I have trouble precisely with correctly prioritising unimportant tasks.

But I do think it’s worth at least trying to read it. Trying is a cheap way to get further information to help you decide whether or not it’s worth finishing the read. 😉