Two Wrongs

Withdrawn: False Alarm About the TP300LA

Withdrawn: False Alarm About the TP300LA

update: In order not to publish yet another article on my laptop, I’ll just quickly state here that while I thought I had solved the problem, that was not the case. A couple of weeks ago it died completely on me, and I have tried everything short of whatever would cost me money.

I was given an older, well-maintained Asus by my fiancées sister, which will do with a minimal Debian installation. Though it has taught me a thing or two about optimising JavaScript …

What follows is what this post looked like while I still thought the problem was solved.

The Post in its Original Form

I have used my laptop a bit more over the last few days (for reasons of not being at home) and I have made a couple of discoveries:

  1. I commented in the last article that I have “plugged the battery in slightly harder than usual”. Now I’m counting

    08:50:45 up 14 days, 21:16

    near 15 days with no sudden poweroff. That is a good number! It may indeed have solved the problem.

  2. When I tie my messenger bag to my bicycle and get the skinny racing tires up to about 800 kPa11 I am 100% in favour of si units, but the Pascal is a ridiculous unit. I have a really hard time accepting that normal, every-day human-scale pressures end up in the six-digit range. I’m close to just resigning and using the Bar as a unit of pressure instead, but I’ll hold out for a little longer and pretend that the kPa is the base unit (as is the case with the kg.) (120 psi) and go over a bump, my laptop is affected by a noticeable jerk22 Jerk is the technical term for how fast acceleration is changing. which – I have started to suspect – may dislodge the battery connection slightly from the motherboard.

No solution yet, just thought I should leave any interested readers33 Yes, I’m talking to all five of you! with an update.