Two Wrongs

What The Self-Host!?

What The Self-Host!?

In this day and age of clouds everywhere, It’s probably rather idiosynchratic of me to self-host things. But I like being in control.

music streaming
Backups (first line)
rsynced to zfs mirror at home
Monitoring (but not alerting!)
Home Router
We actually own a reasonably good consumer-grade wifi router. But it is not doing anything beyond serving as an access point for wifi. In terms of stability, performance, and ease of maintenance, it’s just really hard to beat a plain Freebsd system on a real computer, when configured to act as the gateway/dns/dhcp.
emacs to render as html, scp to copy to web server

Powerful, fast, and frustration-free peer-to-peer file synchronisation. Just on its own it replaces Dropbox and similar services. I take photos on my phone and as soon as they are on the same lan the photo I took gets synchronised. No more annoying copying. No worrying about quotas and payment tiers.

Syncthing also shines when combined with other applications.

If I initialise git in a synchronised directory, I get very powerful versioning support. This replaces Google Drive and other collaboration-oriented document stores.
Since Org files are just plain text, they are trivial to synchronise with Syncthing. That on its own gives me an awesome alternative to OneNote, EverNote and those things.
emacs to render to html, then scp/git push to web server

Things I’m not (yet) self-hosting but looking forward to:

Things I’m not self-hosting and not planning to either, generally because it’s there is a really good service provider that I trust way more than myself.