Two Wrongs



Me taking a photoraph of myself in the mirror

About me

My name is Chris and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a beautiful, supportive wife whose love I will never be able requite in degree. Our two wonderful small offspring have already taught me so much about humans and life.

I approach things as a quant, systems thinker, and anarchist1 Since this word is likely to trigger misunderstandings: I mean that I’m strongly in favour of direct democracy, liberty, non-violence, and solidarity.. I have a wide variety of interests, many of which are at least tangentially useful for software product development and delivery.

What I do for a living varies over time, but in recent history it’s been in the general area of software engineering, site reliability engineering, management, and undercover statistics.

What I Write

I feel alive when I teach. My most eager and voracious student is myself, a few months or years older. Most articles on this site start when I find myself thinking,

This was interesting. I’m sure it could be useful some day, if only I remembered it then. I should write my future self a concise lesson in this!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to design lessons, so the list of unwritten articles is very long.

Some articles I write specifically to teach other people something – often after having repeated the same thing a few times and figuring more people might benefit from hearing it.

A big reason I publish my ideas is so that other people can poke holes in them. I have never learned as much as when I’ve confidently believed something wrong in conversation with someone who knows better.


If for some reason you would like to contact me, you should know that I’m incredibly fun and friendly. I like getting emails in my email address, which has ten characters in total; the
domain is '' and the username is just the letter 'a' and that's my inbox.

I’m running a limited-time experiment where I publish comments I receive by email. If you would like your email published in an article, please let me know clearly, and also under what name you would like your comment published.

I also have a PGP public key.