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Basic Computer Security: Things I Want to Explore

Basic Computer Security: Things I Want to Explore

I got mysteriously affected by taking a computer security course at university. It’s not that I knew nothing about computer security before – it’s always been kind of a favourite subject of mine. It’s also not that I didn’t care about it at all before either. It’s just that I … couldn’t bother with it. It requires a lot of effort, right? Cumbersome?

Actually, no.

I guess that’s what the course taught me. Basic security doesn’t have to be that hard. Most things are actually pretty easy on a day-to-day basis, once you have learned them.

Lest I forget, here are some topics I’m interested in exploring, potentially learning and applying to my machines, in no particular order.


  • : Added two more things to the list.

-: Elaborated a bit on vpn, SELinux, log watching,