Two Wrongs

I am Creating an Org Mode Export Test

I am Creating an Org Mode Export Test

This is a test article which I created just to test the org export stuff. I now also use it to fix the CSS for the published site. Will my stuff work? Only partly. Maybe better now? With word count, even! Okay, what is wrong?

A headline

Yes, it works! Now with improvements, too. I will lead with a blockquote.

So this is what a blockquote looks like. I bet you didn’t know that!

  • A list
  • with a few;
  • items

As it turns out, even a quote can have a bulleted list in it!

And some content… in which I try making a footnote! What’s interesting about this content is that it can be 11 if one would want to, of course amended with content to the side! This is an interesting combination of many lines where alignment is desired big-time, and not a matter to take lightly.

A section with a raw HMTL source

Testing with emphasis on the thing.

Source code that is rendered nicely

(defun tw-footnotes-in-aside (fn-ref contents info)
  "Convert the FN-REF with nil CONTENTS and plist INFO."
      ((fn-number (org-export-get-footnote-number fn-ref info))
       (fn-text (org-trim (org-export-data
                           (org-export-get-footnote-definition fn-ref info)
     (org-html-footnote-reference fn-ref contents info)
     (format "<span class=\"sidenote\"><sup>%s</sup> %s</span>"
             fn-number fn-text))))

And some more stuff after that, of course!

Second important topic

Numbered lists are great.

  1. Is the first,
  2. is the second, and
  3. is the third.

What’s cool about this is that we can ahve tables:

Function time
f 23
g 22
h 18

Now with more content! Woop. Do we geet footnotes below this? Better readability now? Maybe this even has a reference? Woo, subtitleee!!