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Update On the Sidescrolling Flight Simulator

Update On the Sidescrolling Flight Simulator

A few weeks ago I reached a point on the sidescrolling flight simulator where I can now realistically call it “a game”, even if it’s not as polished as I would have liked it to be. For more information as well as a link to play it, go to

"Screenshot of plane taking off with some annotations on controls."

Figure 1: Instructions for taking off.

I decided that I had sort of proved my point: I was able to do better. The other things I would like to add to the game are just technicalities that take time and effort1 Better terrain generation, touch input support, modeling the two airfoils and their torsion on the plane body separately, etc, etc., they don’t involve many significant unknowns regarding flight simulation. I like the game and it would be nice to improve it, but I also have to consider that I have neglected to do other, more productive, things with my spare time.

So this is the state it will likely be in for a while!